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About the Photographer



I am a photographer and storyteller using images...


Lighting, design, color saturation are all important in photography. What I love most in photography is the freedom to be creative, to capture emotions, events, that allow one to look into the heart and soul of the people and things in photographs. I am inspired to tell a story, to move beyond a quick glance to realizing the lifelong value of a fleeting moment captured in a photo.


I come from a background in art and over the years moved into designing instructional materials based on principles of Instructional Design.  I combine this knowledge of how to design effective communication of ideas and material with an eye for capturing the beauty of nature and people to present messages.



My passions are photographing nature, children and families, sports, and event photography. I can provide you with photos for brochures, presentations, advertisements, or can photograph products or items that you need to display. Let me tell your story, let me capture in photos those moments that are not often repeated, events that may only happen once. 

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